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Lincoln'ün Mü Sizin Mi Derbi Yorumunuz

Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe maçına gün be gün yaklaşıyoruz ve başkan Canaydın'ın vefatının getirmiş olduğu bir sessizlikle beraber, Fenerbahçe tribünlerinin de Galatasaray başkanının anısına yapılan saygı duruşunda alkışlarla ve başsağlığı mesajlarıyla cevap verilmesi ortalığı daha da yumuşatması "gerginlikle" beslenenlerin pek işine gelmedi ki başladılar ortalığı geren haberlere. Kimin servis ettiğini bilemiyorum ama gazetelerin internet sayfalarında ve spor haberleri veren internet sitelerinde aynı başlıkta bir haber:" Lincoln'den Kızdıran Derbi Yorumu"... Haberin başlığına bakıp içeriğini okuduğunuzda şöyle bir haber:

Galatasaray'ın hazırlık kampına katılmayınca sözleşmesi tek taraflı olarak feshedilen Cassio Lincoln, derbide gönlünün sarı-kırmızılı takımdan yana olduğunu söyledi.

Bir süre boş kaldıktan sonra Palmeiras'a transfer olan Brezilyalı yıldız, Lancenet'e verdiği röportajda Atletico MGCruzeiro, Schalke-Borussia Dortmund ve Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray derbilerinde oynadığını, bunun kendisine büyük gurur verdiğini söyledi.

Türkiye'de birçok zorlu maçta görev yaptığını ve büyük heyecan duyduğunu anlatan Lincoln, Fenerbahçe derbisinde oynamayı ise şöyle açıkladı:

"Hiçbir şey yapmaya gerek yok. Sadece sahada olmak bile hislerinizi harekete geçiriyor. Daha fazla ve iyi oynamak istiyorsunuz."

Röportajı yapan Caio Carrieri'nin bu hafta sonu oynanacak derbiyle ilgili sorusuna ise Cassio Lincoln, "Benim oynadığım Galatasaray'dan daha güçlü bir kadro var şu an. Evinde Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe'yi çok farklı yenecektir. Ben eski arkadaşlarıma çok güveniyorum. Kalbim onlarla" şeklinde yanıt verdi.

Biz Türk milleti olarak araştırmayı sevmediğimizden, biri bize yaptığı habere ya da söylediği söze kaynak da gösterince daha da inanıyoruz. Haberi hazırlayan muhabir de lancenet diye Portekizce haber yapan bir siteyi kaynak göstermiş. Üşenmedim, siteye gittim, sözlükler yardımıyla Lincoln'le yapılan röportajı da buldum ve sonuna kadar okudum... Ve ne gördüm biliyor musunuz:
"Benim oynadığım Galatasaray'dan daha güçlü bir kadro var şu an. Evinde Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe'yi çok farklı yenecektir. Ben eski arkadaşlarıma çok güveniyorum. Kalbim onlarla

Böyle bir cümle ve söz yok... Yukardaki yakıştırmalara tamamen haberi yapan muhabirin duyguları, düşünceleri, sallamaları...
İnanmayanalar için röportajın İngilizce çevirisi aşağıda:

Speech paused does not reflect the the turmoil existing in the Palestra Italia. Midfielder Lincoln, Palmeiras, is expressed in as few Brazilian soccer.

Miner São Brás Suaçuí landed in Palmeiras, in early February, after a long period of litigation with Galatasaray (TUR), his former club, which had stood since May 2009.

Even without acting over ten months, Lincoln showed soon debut the service Verdão: stole the ball and tapped for Arouca Robert scored the thrilling victory over Santos at Vila Belmiro in the last 14 days.

In the next game, scored his first goal for alviverde, paragraph 2 to 1 on Paysandu, the Brazil Cup, and paid tribute to his wife, Rachel, who is about to give birth to the couple's firstborn.

Religious, it carries a third arm received from his mother, fondly called Dona Regina. On the basis of faith or, in this Wednesday against the White River, keeping alive the dream of ratings in Paulistão. And it gives the message to the fans:

- There is something good to happen to me in Palmeiras.

Check out the exclusive interview that Lincoln gave to Lancenet!:

Lancenet!: What is your evaluation of the first two games for the club?

LINCOLN: The evaluation is positive, because it was a long time that I have not worked. In a match (against the Saints), played nearly 30 minutes. In another (before the Paysandu), surprised myself by playing 90 minutes, but of course without being at a steady pace, because we have not got that pace.

L!: What is your projection of developments going forward?

L: My schedule is very well done. I have to thank the staff of the technical committee of Palmeiras, which is respecting that period when I was not playing. It happened, for example, in the last match against Ponte Preta, which I had to be saved by muscle pain, since he had played 90 minutes (against Paysandu). I have to evolve and add to the Palms, but I'm not 100%.

L!: This pain can get him out of the game against the White River?

L: From now on, I intend to be available (Antônio Carlos) in all games, we must be consistent with the planning.

L!: Having worked for nine years in Europe, will need much time to fully readjust to the Brazilian soccer?

L: The style of play changes so much. We some strange things, like the height of the lawn. Here in Europe we play in all the fields in the same way, with grass and squat, although there are good and bad pitch. Here in Brazil there, you play on grass low, as in the Palestra Italia, and others, as against Paysandu, when the grass was too high. Therefore, I felt quite difficult. I am very ready in the shortest period, in order to help me readjust Palmeiras.

L!: On his first goal for Palmeiras, against Paysandu, you put the ball under his shirt in celebration. Son comes around?

L: I made this celebration for the birth of my first child, which should take about 20 or so days, but do not even know the sex yet because my wife, Rachel, is making a surprise.

L!: If you make another goal, will dance the famous "Armeration?

L: It's not conducive little dance I come in, because I can not dance. It is better to keep quiet even for non-embarrassment. The Armero is a case apart, showed that this quality was hidden (laughs).

L!: Against the Bridge on Saturday, you were not on the bench, but the crowd shouted his name. You see this display of affection?

L: I heard, yes, the fans chanted my name. I just watched the first half of the game because he had a flight to Belo Horizonte and left the stadium in the range. I insisted on being with the group. Concentrated with the cast, went to the stadium. It is a great affection for me they are having. I confess that I am very eager to get a little closer to the fans of Palmeiras. I know they have a huge affection for the players, especially when the team is experiencing a good moment.

L!: How you see the crisis through which runs the club? We must prioritize the Brazil Cup?

L: First, everyone should know that when things do not go well, the most affected is always the player because he is coaching, is concentrated. Everyone thinks that the life we have is easy, but there are time when you go a week without being at home with his family. When things do not go, the first to get upset about is the player. Have not given up the Campeonato Paulista. We had a good start against the Saints, went well against St. Paul and Paysandu, but have not put in my head that we must prioritize the Brazil Cup. We are professionals and we have to go through.

L!: You, Cleiton Xavier and Diego Souza can play together?

L: Since I arrived at the Palms, where I intended to play, respecting each and every player in the squad. See full terms of the three play, because the Cleiton for the great player he is, has a total position to function a little further back and Diego can make a function a bit later. If you do an interview with the coaches from Brazil, everyone will say they would like to count on these players to play. It's a good headache for Antonio Carlos. But first we have to play if you know. I am very observant and like to understand how the partner likes to receive the ball. The Cleiton Diego and also have such intelligence.

L!: Why do you never had a chance in Brazil squad?

L: I had the opportunity to be pre-picked for the Copa America 2007, but I do not keep any grief. Whenever I tried to understand the positive side that Brazil has always had many good players. The only reason I was upset was that when I was called, was one of the best players in the German Championship and was national runner-up (at Schalke 04), but there were players who were reserves on the squad that played in clubs. The Dunga is a great coach and is doing a great job in the squad. He even called me to tell me that would not be on the list, but still watching me. It was very nice of him.

L!: Dream of being drafted?

L: Of course if we have a calling, you should consider with care, because we are Brazilians. I would say that I put Palmeiras first and second squad, for I have lived my best time and not had a chance.

L!: What was your primary learning acquired in Europe?

L: I started to understand what is to respect others, the traffic and get the local culture, for example.

L!: Last week, President Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo spared no words to praise him ...

L: I am very pleased. It's a great person to talk and that in 30 minutes of conversation, you learn a lot from him. Maybe I'm not all that he's talking about (laughs). I want to take to thank Tom (Cecilio, former football manager and currently coach of Gremio Prudente) and Muricy (Ramalho), which were people in my direct recruitment. I also have a very good relationship with (Gilberto) Cipullo (vice president) and the Savério (Orlandi, director).

L!: You lived great rivalries: Atletico-MG x Cruzeiro, Schalke 04 x B. Dortmund x Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. What was most intense?

L: The classic Turkish. Nothing says it gets to the point of what you feel inside the field in this game.

L!: What is the representation of the rosary tattooed on his left arm?

L: I am very religious and I usually attend Mass once a week, if no training, of course. My mother, Mrs. Regina, is also very religious. The third arm is tattooed on the Santa Terezinha, was that she gave me. He is always beside my Bible in concentration. I asked a friend of mine, tattooist, had as armadillo and demanded that it was just like, why have several roses in the third.

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